Kenyan Kirinyaga - Dark Roast

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This is an AB top lot. Meaning it is one of the tastiest lots the mill produces but average size beans.

Kaguyu Factory is located near Kerugoya town in the Ndia division of Kirinyaga county, and services 850 smallholder farmers, who grow an average of 200 trees per farm.  The farms in this area have red volcanic soil, and the producers also grow tea, bananas, and corn on their plots, under shade provided by macadamia, eucalyptus, and gravellea trees.

 A very cool and bright cup of coffee! Strong citrus at the lighter roasts comes off pretty lemony and buzzy with strong floral notes balanced with a clean and not overly herbal tea like (spice) chocolaty undertone. A little hint of caramel can be found but is pretty easily overpowered by the acidity depending on your roast curve. As the beans roast darker the chocolaty factor becomes very strong and semi-sweet with the body of the cup turning much fuller, reducing the acidity nicely and creating a bit more balance in the cup. Roasts into 2nd crack will be very potent and smoky semi-sweet cups.

*Brewing note – Kenyans like these can be very potent cups, for many, scaling back how much coffee you use can provide a much more drinkable cup where more identifiable flavors can be found.


100% Kenyan Top Lot Arabica


Whole Bean

Organic & Fair Trade

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