The "Taps" Stein - DS
The "Taps" Stein - DS
The "Taps" Stein - DS
The "Taps" Stein - DS

The "Taps" Stein - DS

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"Taps" Stein - Desert Sand

Memorial Day is a poignant reminder of the couragebravery, and commitment of countless men and women who served our country.


... the soldier's wife stands solemnly, surrounded by loved ones and fellow mourners.

The American flag, meticulously folded into a triangle, rests atop a sturdy wooden case.

A uniformed serviceman approaches her with utmost reverence, offering the flag as a symbol of honor and gratitude for her husband's service and sacrifice.

The backdrop ... a serene cemetery landscape, with rows of white gravestones standing as silent witnesses to the solemn ceremony.

Emotions are palpable in the air—grief, pride, and solemnity mingle as the wife accepts the flag, her expression a mix of sorrow for her loss and pride for her husband's bravery and dedication.

It's a moment of profound significance, honoring the soldier's commitment to duty and country while offering solace to those left behind....


  • Extremely collectible 
  • Individually numbered to 250
  • Every mug is made on a potter wheel, no casts, no molds!
  • Made in the USA by Sunset Hill Stoneware
  • 16+oz of Iron Bean Coffee, Fidens Beer, .. Whatever you like!
  • 100% microwave and oven safe

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