NORI Steel Toe 2.0 French Press
NORI Steel Toe 2.0 French Press
NORI Steel Toe 2.0 French Press

NORI Steel Toe 2.0 French Press

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Steel Toe 2.0 with Bru-Stop™

Brew the best coffee anytime, anywhere in the New Steel Toe 2.0. With the Bru-Stop press screen, your brew will always taste fresh, and never bitter.

The new & improved Steel Toe 2.0 is here! This 20 fl.oz. coffee press to-go has everything you need, and nothing you don’t, to brew your perfect cup of coffee wherever and whenever. Durable, ultra-insulated stainless steel ensures a tough mug that will keep your coffee hot for hours. The new design has more girth than the previous version and features a spill-proof, locking lid. Not to mention the patented Bru-Stop™ press technology which creates a physical barrier between the grounds and brewed coffee, once fully pressed down. This halts the brewing process and prevents coffee from becoming over-extracted, and bitter.

To brew your perfect cup, just add coarsely ground coffee (~2 Tablespoons per 8oz. of water), pour near-boiling water over the grounds, then place the Bru-Stop™ press screen on top with the plunger UP. Wait 3-5 minutes, press down the plunger, and enjoy.

So where did the French Press come, and is it even French? 

It went a bit like this: A Frenchmen was boiling his water when he realised he had forgotten to put the coffee in. Once added, the coffee grounds rose to the surface of the boiling pot. He wanted to save the only portion of coffee he had with him and bought a piece of metal screen from a passing-by Italian merchant. Fitting the screen over the boiling pot, he used a stick to press the screen down, together with the coffee grounds. And how was the coffee? He expected it to be terrible, but the result turned out to be the best coffee both men had ever tasted. An accident led to a discovery of a new way of brewing coffee. I bet he wishes he had an Iron Bean Steel Toe! 



  • Beverages stay hot up to 17 hours.
  • Iced drinks stay frosty for more than 58 hours.
    Finished in Textured Black Obsidian and emblazoned with the Nori Logo
  • A battle-ready coffee bottle with durable, double-walled construction and vacuum insulation.
  • The stainless steel won’t retain or impart flavors; go from coffee to lemonade without a lingering taste.
  • Drink more Iron Bean Coffee in one go with this whopping 20 -ounce coffee bottle

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