An Afternoon with Scotty Russell's Perspective Podcast

We got to spend an afternoon rapping with Scotty Russell and the Perspective Collective Podcast about dreams, passion, and Community.


"Today’s guest are two people who understand the importance of community because they’ve built a thriving, raving, and raging fan base around their biggest passion: coffee.
I’m talking about Fred and Chanell Dedrick of Iron Bean Coffee Company in Ohio.
They’re a premium small-batch, roast-to-order, veteran-owned coffee company. They import their high-quality coffee beans directly from Colombia, Brazil, Uganda, Honduras, Peru, Ethiopia, Indonesia, & other far-off lands. Then, they personally roast every one of their kick-ass coffees to be shipped directly to you.
Not to mention they crush it in the merch department because “selling out” is pretty much the expectation whenever there is a new merch drop.
The beauty of this all is that they do this as a freakin’ side hustle, which is why they’re on the show.
If you’re a side hustling dream chaser, buckle in and take notes as Team Iron Bean and I chat about:
  • Dreaming big but taking massive action
  • Building their die-hard community
  • Winning over your customers (and keep them coming back)
  • Aligning passions and interests to make your secret sauce
  • Serving your audience, no complaining, brewing it forward, and so much more
I’m honored to bring this change-of-pace interview because I know their story will significantly parallel your creative grind. Plus these are two entertaining hard-working hustlers who have an awesome story I am stoked to share.


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