What the heck is going on!?

What the heck is going on!?

"What the heck is going on...what the heck is going on!?"

The words above were spoken by our granddaughter on Tuesday morning last week in the absolute cutest voice I've ever heard when she woke up and greeted us in the kitchen... She asked this cause we had all the kitchen chairs on the table... Momma was cleaning the floors!!

But the question she asks keeps ringing in my head... First because it was adorable, but as the days have passed... It turned into a question I had to answer. 

What has been going on over here? 

On May 15th we lost a a very loved member of our family. Our kids Dad...

It was way to early at just 58 years old, and a shock to all of our lives.

For any one who didn't know (and I've never before felt the need to explain this) My kids are a blessing upon me, a gift that I received when they were 7 & 3.  I'm their stepdad. For the last 25 years I have been the co-pilot to Malcolm Lovegrove. 


Meet Malcolm !! 

Malcolm let me ride co-pilot for the last 25 years... the first 6 months I had a lot to prove but I made the grade and our relationship was a great one.

The last two months have been a whirlwind, as everyone who has lost someone knows.  And I have been at a loss... Have been lost really.  

My former career brought us from Upstate NY to Toledo Ohio in 2008..which spread our family out.  So the last two months we've been back and forth between the two. Poor Sierra (I number ONE employee, and our son Brandon's future bride) has been stuck handling several days all by herself for a lotta days in the last two months. And she's been back and forth too!

Lets not forget ZACH!!!!  Zach has been the glue that held it all together when we all left, and he's been helping us here and there for a long ass time!!!
May be an image of 1 person, coffee cup and text
So many of all of you have shown tremendous support to our family, through donations to Malcolm's memory, being understanding about our being closed on Saturdays, and a few slow days of shipping.  
The Iron Bean Nation can't be thanked enough.
I would love to say things are getting  back to normal, but that would be a huge mistake. Normal is an ever evolving word... We are adjusting though! 
We have missed the mark on a few things.

We missed 4th of July Mugs. Few things move me more than our character Dylan rocking a revolutionary war uniform and repping America on a mug!!!

We ran out of Fierce K Kups... I completely lost track of our inventory. We keep the Kup batches small, to make sure you get the freshest kups we can. But that requires me to pay attention and I fucked that up. They'll be back in about 10 days. Fresh Batch of Fierce is being sent to the KUP peeps today (when your reading this).

Salted Caramel Mocha Bags went out of Stock, I missed this too. New bags will be here by Tuesday. So if you've been receiving some wierd looking hand packed bags...thats why. 

Wondering what's next....
Well we have some answers!!   Were getting our shit back together, thats what's next.
  • We have alot of freebies on the horizon. 
  • We bought a screen printing setup!!! Not a crazy setup, but a setup, and were going to be making our own shirts, and whatever the hell else we can spread ink on.
  • We have some sweet ass Deneen Mugs coming in August and we didn't miss the mark for Halloween!!
  • We have a reality show coming out on NETFLIX!!! Just kidding, I just wanted to see if your still reading this. 
  • We are starting the rebuild of the Roost
  • And the Iron Hot Rod is almost done for cars and Coffee meets around the country.
When we started this adventure we lived by a mantra...
"Rage Against the Dying of the Light"
As we get older and older the real meaning of that becomes more and more clear. 
DO SHIT BEFORE YOU DIE!!!  Hug people, help people, create stuff, make some memories, take alotta pictures!!

Malcolm left a 40 year legacy of music and family, and a love for our Lord God. RIP brother, father, friend.
Time waits for no one... Do NOT Go Gentle

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