Coronavirus Covid-19...Let's talk about it.

Corona virus covid-19 hi def

Chanell and I are up and running. Nothing about our facility or processes are changing.

Except for one.

We will be turning on the Ability for "Curbside Pickup"

Every other order will be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx as usual.

We are the only USDA approved Coffee Roaster in Northwest Ohio, and there a reason.

This certification comes from our ability to display and articulate knowledge and training of airborne, bloodborne, and foodborne illness as well as strict processes in regards to receiving, roasting, handling, packaging, and shipping your coffee.

We also have to display and adhere to strict measures regarding hands-free hand washing, cleaning, and sanitizing equipment, as well as all surfaces of the facility after each roast.

We have up ticked the regular sanitizing of every surface with three different types of sanitizer. Isopropyl Alcohol, Chlorine, and Quat. These are used everywhere unless inappropriate for contact with a food prep area.

We are the only regular employees, particularly outside of mug drops. We do not have anyone on-site other than ourselves during this time. At any time if either of us develops a single symptom we will not continue to take orders and will shut down until we are certain that we do not pose any hazard to you.

We say all that to say this.

Chanell and I live and work together. To be honest the majority of our social life outside of work is right here, digitally with you.

We are healthy, motivated, and ready to serve.

Many folks might be wondering if "that package is safe to touch".

We have been in contact as recently as today with our local USPS and UPS hubs and carriers. They have imparted some pretty inclusive measures in their package handling as well as there direct customer interactions. We have 100% faith that the mail streams are intact and not vulnerable.

Stay informed, stay up to date.

For updated information on the state if the virus as well as what we should be doing can be found on the CDC website at this link.


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