Does Coffee Go Bad?

Does Coffee Go Bad? - Iron Bean Coffee Company
How Long Will my Coffee Last?
Coffee doesn’t go bad in the spoilage sense, but after a few weeks, the taste definitely starts to change. The best flavors will oxidize away and staleness will creep in more and more over time. Staleness though is not the same as “going bad”.
There are a lot of factors that go into it the decay of flavor. The depth of the roast, the way it is stored, whether it is ground or whole bean.
How long do I have to drink my coffee?
It is recommended to drink coffee within the first 4 weeks of it being roasted for the best flavor and quality, its why you bought it in the first place right? After that, the staleness and degradation of quality set in.

Fortunately, the average coffee drinker is going through about a pound per week. We ship within a day of being roasted, so we got you covered there.
Staleness is not going to kill you (though you may wonder what you just paid for), heck, stale coffee can be found in any grocery store! Buts not likely going to make you sick.
I have old coffee. Is it safe to drink?
Store your coffee properly (unopened, sealed, dry), and it's safe to drink for years.
In fact, a lot of grocery stores and big chains keep coffee on the shelf for several months on their own, never mind the amount of time it will sit in someone's cupboard.  
Freshly roasted coffee will retain its flavor for two, perhaps three, weeks. After roasting, coffee needs a couple of days to degas and then it is ready for consumption. At about three days after roasting, coffee is at its peak. You’ll still be able to pick out flavorful notes, and appreciate a selection’s body and acidity, though, for a few weeks after roasting. By three weeks, at most, coffee is no longer fresh
Don’t Store Coffee in the Fridge or Freezer
In an effort to increase a coffee’s lifespan, some people put it in the fridge or freezer. This actually has the opposite effect, though. Storing coffee in a fridge or freezer won’t prolong how long it stays fresh for, because coffee goes stale as the beans release gasses containing flavorful compounds.
They’ll release these gases regardless of whether they’re stored at room temperature or below freezing.
Keeping coffee cold also won’t prolong its shelf life beyond six months, for it doesn’t need to be kept below 41°F or 0°F. In fact, storing coffee in the fridge or freezer may actually shorten its shelf life.
When you place coffee in the fridge or freezer, the sudden temperature change often causes condensation to form on the inside of the bag or can that your coffee is in. Although it’s in a cool place, the container becomes moist, and the beans may spoil.
Summing it up
No matter how much we strive to enjoy freshly roasted coffee that’s less than three weeks old, we all seem to end up with beans that are several months old. These are safe to drink, as long as they’re properly stored, but we also enjoy cooking, baking and experimenting with them.

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