Fred Dedrick: the Man, the Myth the MEME!

Fred Dedrick: the Man, the Myth the MEME! - Iron Bean Coffee Company

If you've been on the Iron Bean Nation group page on Facebook for any length of time, chances are you've encountered a silly meme of Fred. It's become quite the Iron Bean Nation past time. Something about Fred is just so meme-able! Is it the adorable gapped teeth or his rugged good looks? Who knows, but it is always hilarious! From the creepy to the straight goofy, Fred has been an awesome sport with our memes over the last few years and that's another part of their charm. Fred always enjoys them and laughs right along with us. It's all in good fun. Here are some of the best Fred memes that I was able to dig up. I'm sure there will be many more in the future!



Buffalo Fred




Buffalo Fred

Red Fred Redemption




Old Skool


Ran out of gas



  And of course we can't forget Chanell, she is not immune to being memed! We may have to hide from her afterward though!!




at work




and last but not least, I think this meme sums up their relationship perfectly!!! I'm looking forward to may more years of goofy memes with these two, keep at it nation!


Put it away


  • Ruth Isaac

    Good job Danielle, I love the Nation and Iron Bean Company people.😀Glad Fred’s a good sport.😀

  • Kathy Mamacita Dedrick

    I love these so much. Having known the real Fred all his life, I have to say…you nailed it!! He’s funny, can be totally serious if need be, makes everyone smile and feel welcome..and Chanell..God bless her. She is Fred’s #1..they are like peas & carrots!!❤

  • Hope Mcgarrity

    Love them ALL BUT seriously LMAO they should frame and hang the farmhouse one….and the last one…..ohhh man THAT one should be their holiday card! Lol

  • Big Perm


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