George Washington was a coffee drinker!!

George Washington was a coffee drinker!! - Iron Bean Coffee Company
On this day in 1789, America’s first presidential election is held. George Washington won the election and was sworn into office on April 30, 1789.
George Washington was a coffee drinker — and an importer, according to his papers and ledger sheets. He imported 200 pounds of coffee in 1770. “I will thank you also for sending me, if an oppertunity should offer soon by Water, one hundred weight, or even a Barrel of good Coffee,” he wrote in 1784 to a Philadelphia merchant who helped him import goods.
In November 1799, just weeks before he died, he asked for 150 beans from the Red Sea port of Mocha, which at the time was considered the best.
According to “The Presidents’ Cookbook,” a 1968 book that documented much about presidents and food, Martha Washington had her own “rules for good coffee.”
For drip coffee, for every cup of water she used a heaping tablespoon of “specially selected coffee, pulverized as fine as cornmeal.”
Black coffee was to be served with sugar before breakfast and after dinner — with some hot milk included in the breakfast cup.
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