How NORI Got Her Name


 How did Nori get her name?

Well... From you guys!! May 2nd 2017 we announced the winner of naming our Rage Owl Contest on Facebook.

Nori was originally our night owl on the "Rage Against Dying of the Light " Bag, she was however, the star of the show, and quickly she became the face of Iron Bean. 

For us, Nori, symbolized so many things... So many thoughts that were pervasive in our lives...our minds and our actions.

  • Intuition, and the ability to see what others do not see
  • Wisdom
  • Bravery
  • Transition, Change & Renewal among others


Nori has been viewed, tattooed, and  identified with in countless ways..and we couldn't be more proud than to watch her evolve along with our community. 


Take a look below at original Facebook post and Live Video!!



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