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It’s so much more than just a hashtag!

Iron Bean Nation


When Iron Bean Coffee Co first started, the Nation was small, consisting mostly of friends and family...people that know Chanell and Fred personally. A slow beginning , but not for long

These two went about making a product that they loved and believed in. It didn’t take long for coffee fans to find Iron Bean thanks to the eye catching logos of The Bean and of course, Nori. Once people actually tried the coffee the word spread like wildfire, Iron Bean was good stuff and needed to be shared!

As more and more people discovered Iron Bean, the hashtag bound us together. Fans were eager to share their love for Iron Bean in facebook groups, Instagram posts, with family & friends, etc. The Nation continued growing and before long it got so big that the members needed their own online home, and the Iron Bean Nation #IBCC Facebook group was born.

Fred and Chanell originally planned to open a coffee shop, and wanted a family friendly type of place. Even with operating solely online they’ve managed to create the same kind of warm and welcoming atmosphere that they dreamed of. It comes natural because it’s just who they are. The Iron Bean Nation group is a place where fans have come together to share photos, stories, laughs, and even struggles. The Nation originally started out containing mostly family and friends and still does, because the fans have become a family. That may sound cliché but it’s truly amazing to see the generosity and compassion that occurs daily among a group of otherwise strangers.

We’re all bound together by a love for great coffee and the spirit of Brew it Forward. Fred and Chanell believe in sharing the IBCC experience with anyone, even if they can’t afford it, and the #IronBeanNation has been inspired by their message. It’s amazing how a little bag of coffee can brighten someone’s day and do its small part to bring more light into the world.

The Nation is always growing and expanding. It’s the best place to learn about company news, mug drops and even exclusive items. If you like great coffee and great people, it’s the place to be. The Iron Bean Nation isn’t an exclusive group; it’s inclusive!!   

All are welcome!   We’re a family and much like a real family there are ups and downs and various personalities.

From serious stuff to shenanigans, it all happens daily.

The Iron Bean Nation wouldn’t be what it is without its people.

People are the core of Iron Bean and have been right from the beginning.

A lot of companies talk about family but with Iron Bean it truly feels like one, through and through.


-Danielle White 


  • Major Tony

    The best customer service! Yes Fred and Channel are family.

  • Wayne Swikert


  • Stephen Mahieu

    DCW nice write up. #IBCCNation



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