Just F'kin Off

Just F'kin Off - Iron Bean Coffee Company

by Danielle White

Several months ago Iron Bean started a new endeavor, a podcast. As if Chanell and Fred aren't busy enough! Regardless of how busy these two get they never want to lose that connection with their customers.

That idea is truly at the heart of everything Iron Bean does, the customer.

They wanted the podcast to feel just like being there with them in person and hanging out over a cup of coffee. When it came time to name their podcast the choice became pretty obvious, Just F'kin Off. 


Just F'kin Off


Just F'kin Off doesn't have much of a structure and there's definitely no script. If you've ever watched an Iron Bean live feed then you already have a good idea of what to expect.


Improv and distractions guaranteed, life is more fun that way, go with the flow! It will be just Chanell and Fred speaking about different topics, everything from marriage advice, questions from fans and their ever endearing banter. Every episode will have you on your seat, wondering if Fred will survive!




The podcast has taken the back burner over the last few months but it is a project that Fred and Chanell will definitely be getting back to. They have all sorts of fun ideas brewing, and only need to find the time. Doing the podcast in the warehouse was the original idea but it can be hard to stop working and just f*ck off for a while. So, they decided to move the podcast to the house, where they'll be able to truly unwind and connect. 

It won't always just be Chanell and Fred, fans may make an appearance as well! After all, we're one big family! Fan created intro and exit songs have already been a part of the podcast from the beginning. Ways to include to fans will definitely be a focal point.

Look out for new episodes soon, take a break and get to f'kin off for a while with Fred & Chanell.



Listen to the show here!

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