Meet David Sparks aka The Chubby Dude

Iron Bean Nation - Chapter 1

We recently asked the Nation to tell us a little something about themselves. Something that we can share for the purpose of everyone getting to now each other a little better. 

Here's the first submission



Hey how’s it going…

My name is Dave Sparks and this is how coffee made me “Chubby”.

Most know me by “Sparky” or “The Chubby Dude”. 

Now to start off, I am a father of four boys and a husband to a beautiful woman named Veronica.

I haven’t always been a fan of coffee, but as of just over ten years ago I started my path of sobriety. Just after that I found my love of coffee. After a couple of years I finally found a couple Facebook groups. And with that I found a community with really good people.


Then shortly after that my father became terminally ill. With all the responsibilities and emotions that go along with being in that kind of situation I found myself going to a dark place.....

That is until a coffee family member brought me out of the depths by a simple act of kindness and humanity.(I call her Mamma T) Shortly afterwards a crazy coffee nut led me to a new wonderful coffee called Iron Bean. (You know who she is...)

Now after trying the coffee and loving it I told Fred (the male part of the wonderful duo.) You better be ready my brother cause you are about to be a busy man. (I told you so.)

So eventually I told him that I was gonna stop by sometime on a road trip kinda joking.

Well my beautiful wife along with two of my four knuckle heads decided to make the trip. When we arrived we were welcomed with open arms. (Literally.) It was like meeting distant family members. After that I met more and more people. (Iron Bean family) And it seemed the more people I met the more my heart filled.

I was finally started gaining a little faith back in humanity. And finally a feeling of peace inside like a warm cup of java for my soul. And that is when I started my Chubby Life.

And with that I would like to thank all the coffee peeps out there for bringing me from a dark place and for that I will always be indebted to a simple little trail of coffee beans that led me to my coffee family.

All my love...

                  The Chubby Dude


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