Meet Earl Kennedy from "The Iron Bean Nation™"

Meet Earl Kennedy from
We had asked for your submissions to feature in our Blog Posts from time to time... The requirements were simple...Tell us about yourself , and give us something we can share with the world. Earl did just that. 
Earl has a love for great Coffee and Supporting Americas Local Coffee Roaster®....but whats more he loves his Wife Joann to the moon and back!! Here's a little something straight from him.
I wanted to write about someone who means the world to me and she deserves to get all the credit in the world for making the Kennedy household run smooth as a well-oiled machine. I would like to write a little bit about my wife Joann Kennedy.
She is the mother of our 2 children and is the backbone of the family. She is what makes our family run as smooth as we can.  She is always making sure we get where we need to be, gives out love and support in everything we do in our daily Ventures and is never afraid to let you know what needs to be done in every season of life.  She does this all out of love and out of selfless-ness and i know we don’t always show her how much she is appreciated since we do tend to talk about our self and our issues over hers.
She is always there for a loving word but isn’t afraid to keep it real with you out of the same vein of love. My wife is everything i aspire to be and everything i hope my kids can be when they grow up.
Thank You
Earl Z Kennedy

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