Meet Starla Smith - Iron Bean Nation OG

Meet Starla Smith -  Iron Bean Nation OG - Iron Bean Coffee Company

When we asked the Iron Bean Nation to share something about themselves so that we could get to know them even better, and more importantly, they could get to know each other a little better. 

We didn't know what to expect. We weren't even sure that there would be a single response. Putting yourself on front street, no matter what the content, can be daunting.

When we opened Starla's email, we were floored.  

I've had different thoughts on what to write. I could write about my husband and our relationship, my kids, my friendships, him her them kinda thing. Anything but me.

It's always been hard for me to let people in.

And to describe myself on a blog oh geez.

Lol. So I'll start with this!!!
My name is Starla and I'm an alcoholic. I say that because in order to really know me you need to know the most important part of me. I wasn't always the best daughter, friend, wife and mother. I don't really know anyone that's perfect, but I had failed in so many ways the ones I loved.

Growing up I was a product of my mother's alcoholic behavior. Which kinda screwed me up as an adult and left me with issues I had to learn to change. That stuff lead me to drinking and drugging my life away.

But those mistakes do not define me. 
I've worked in the medical field my entire life. Started as a CNA at 16 then went to school and became a LVN. During all this I've had 3 daughter's, my oldest is 21 with 2 boys of her own, then I have my 13yr old and 7yr old. I also have a stepson who is 24. He is my husband of 17 years son. 
I am a stay at home mom for my youngest 2 and have been for the last 4 1/2 years. 
Today I am just a women taking care of my family, being the best mom wife and friend I can be. I try to do my best every day to be respectful, loving, honest, and caring. I try to be the change I wanna see on the world.
I have been with Iron Bean for as long as I can remember. I had heard about it from a guy I follow that talks about recovery, and he had talked about Iron Bean so I looked you up. Once I read about you I ordered. I started following the Iron Bean Nation  and it was like I was home. I've met some amazing people!!

And I relate to Chanell more than just the love of the coffee. Before my stepmom had passed away she told me that my dad wasn't my biological father. I had lived 40 some years not knowing that, and I'm glad she had told me. My biological mother won't tell me anything so I have no way of finding family I know is out there. I just hope one day she has a change of heart. 
My love of coffee lead me to you and the warmth of the nation has kept me here. I truly feel like Iron Bean is home!! 
Holy crap I've rambled on lol. Hopefully this helps a little. 


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