Our Grand Daughter is almost here!!

Our little girl is having a little girl!!

Chanell and I have been hustling like mad lately and time is flying by... Seems like only yesterday our Daughter Samantha gave us the news that she's having a baby. She was a little slickster sending us some Grandpa and Grandma Mugs as her way of telling us!!  We live 600 miles apart, but she managed to catch it all on video. (Video Here)

We are getting really close to getting that phone call...And when we do, we are dropping everything and heading straight to New York to be there when Willow Grace Linkowski joins this world. 

We wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will be gone for just a couple days in March. The due date is the 17th of March, but who knows!!

The entire Iron Bean staff is just Chanell and me, so there will be no one here to roast or ship anything when were gone!! So to help everyone get ready,  and us as well, we have dropped a 25% off everything discount to get stuff moving before we leave.

Coupon Code WILLOW


Having you as a part of our lives, and us getting to know who you are, has been one of the most important things to us from day one. Thanks for coming along on this adventure with us. 

Do Not Go Gentle

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