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The Roost

What better vehicle to represent the fiercest coffee out there! The Roost just screams badass! At 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide and riding on 44-inch tires it’s not possible to avoid doing a double take when you see it out cruising down the road. The Roost is a 1996 Stewart and Stevenson M1079, which is part of the military’s (FMTV) Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles. Running on a Cat Diesel Engine with 295hp with a 2-½ ton payload capacity, the Roost is the real deal!

The Roost looking as cool as it does could be enough, but not for Fred and Chanell! They have big plans for the Roost and for the Iron Bean Nation. The inside of the truck is being decked out with steel flooring, sinks and a water pump. It will be able to serve Espresso, Cappuccino, Lattes, Frappes, Hot & Iced Coffee as well as Nitro Brew on tap. The Roost will tow along an 5000lb generator capable of producing 15kw to power all the coffee magic making machinery inside. The windows will be converted to open upwards and stairs will be hauled along to allow people to walk right on up and enjoy some hot, fresh Iron Bean Coffee. There may also be a T-shirt cannon in the turret, ready to blast some fresh Iron Bean gear to the crowd.

The Roost will help bring more people into the Iron Bean Nation and help them to discover amazing coffee. Iron Bean will be parking at local events and celebrations where it is sure to steal the show. The Roost will also eventually be hitting the road! Traveling to different states and locations where Nation members already live. The Roost is just another tool in the arsenal to allow people to connect and share laughs and good times over a cup of coffee. The first stop hasn’t been decided yet and it may take some time to get around but Chanell and Fred plan to visit as many states and meet as many people as possible. The Roost plans to go nationwide!

If you see the Roost in passing and don’t have the opportunity to walk up for a cup be sure to snap a photo and tag Iron Bean on social media for some free coffee! #ironbeancoffee on InstagramFacebook or on Twitter.



The Roost was named by a member of the Iron Bean Nation as part of the naming contest held on Facebook! The name suits it perfectly since a roost is a place where birds, particularly Owls congregate. While normally roosts are meant for rest, this roost is meant to wake you on up!

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  • Donna Tong

    We just saw you and your truck at Denny’s on I-280. Came home, looked up this website and ordered coffee! That truck certainly gets a person’s attention!

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