The woman behind Iron Bean Coffee Company

The woman behind Iron Bean Coffee Company - Iron Bean Coffee Company

Chanell Dedrick 

On International Women's Day we gotta give it up for this young lady! She fires us up, holds us accountable, and teaches us just what Integrity should look like. 

Chanell is the Facilities Maintenance Technician , Packaging Specialist, Operations Manager, Quality Control Director, and CEO of Iron Bean Coffee Company.

She has a mountain of responsibility and an even bigger mountain of Gumption to get it done! She handles me with a kid glove and an Iron Fist. Which is absolutely appropriate.

Beyond what she does here... She's a mom, wife, mother,  daughter,  sister ...and killing that game just as awesome as she does here! 

She's amazing. We love you Chanell! 

Thanks for making Iron Bean Coffee Company one of the best things on earth. 

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