UNICORN MUG by Dusty Hanson First Look

UNICORN MUG by Dusty Hanson First Look - Iron Bean Coffee Company

Here it is!!! 

The Unicorn Mug...A random colored, true Artistic Masterpiece! Just like our Randomly flavored Unicorn Coffee!

Beautiful wheel thrown, hand sculpted mug. Tons of detail all around and even on the bottom. 

Iron Bean Coffee Unicorn Mug

The mugs are designed for comfort with their easy to hold square handles and super cozy thumb rest. Each mug feels like a perfect fit. The glaze on the mug is a custom hand-mixed color that is formulated for durability as well as aesthetics.

Dusty Hanson has an extraordinary ability to pull true art out of a simple ball of clay.  When we first saw his touch, his creativity, we knew we had to contact him. With a little nudge from Iron Bean Nation OG "Frank" we called him!! 

Dusty is a doting father, loving husband, and has a true passion for his art and family. After speaking we knew that this collaboration had to happen. It has been several months of evolution from the first sample to the final product. And the process was amazing to watch. 

Here's a little bit of how Dusty makes magic. 

The mug began as a weighed ball of clay. It was carefully and skillfully thrown and worked into its final shape. It was control dried to the perfect hardness. Each and every detail is then created by hand. Once all of the moisture evaporated, the mug was carefully sanded, placed into my kiln and heated up to 1900 degrees for eight hours.

It is cooled and glazed in one of Dusty's custom colors. Then fired in the kiln for 14 hours to 2300 degrees. The end result is always as unique as the ones they are created for.


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