Unicorn Coffee
Unicorn Coffee
Unicorn Coffee

Unicorn Coffee

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Normally, This unicorn of a coffee is rare and majestic and is something that we throw in for free from time to time in random packages.

That won't change...But Sometimes, this coffee is the gold standard by which all others need to strive to be.

Normally it's unrepeatable, but every so often we keep exact track of whatever it is we are experimenting with. If you want in on the R&D coffee or the small passion projects this is your chance. 

You'll get a description when it comes (or you won't) ... We like to hear your description even more!

Can you Subscribe...You Bet Your ASS!!

Full Product Description

  • Available in ground or whole bean so you can grind it fresh or simply open the bag and start brewing
  • 12oz Bags
  • Certified Free Range Unicorns (Not Really)

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