Cast Iron™ - Med Roast
Cast Iron™ - Med Roast
Cast Iron™ - Med Roast - Iron Bean Coffee Company

Cast Iron™ - Med Roast

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Veteran Owned from farm to cup!! 

Originally Roasted by hand in a cast Iron Skillet just like all of our coffee...this one really stood out and still does.

Extraordinarily Versatile and 
very smooth, rich, and clean. fuller bodied and lower acidity the main tone will be a deep semi-sweet chocolate smoke note balanced with just a hint of a floral aspect. This Honduran is a sweet, balanced, clean coffee with a nice spice note and slight black pepper and a little caramel at the lighter roasts.

A very nice single-origin breakfast coffee..

Full Product Description

  • Iron Bean's "CAST IRON" is a medium roast coffee made with 100% Single Origin Organic Honduran Arabica beans. 
  • Taste smooth, never bitter flavors with subtle notes of black pepper, caramel, and milk chocolate.
  • Low in acidity without taking away any strength or flavor
  • 100% natural. We do not not comprise anything with additives or flavor oils.
  • Available in ground or whole bean so you can grind it fresh or simply open the bag and start brewing




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