DARK ROCKO - Ethiopian Natural Process - Darker Roast
DARK ROCKO - Ethiopian Natural Process - Darker Roast

DARK ROCKO - Ethiopian Natural Process - Darker Roast

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Everything you already expect from medium ROCKO....but taken through the fire just a little longer to produce a deeper body and a rich experience.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural Process

There is something pretty special and unique about an Ethiopian natural when it’s at its best. We are excited to introduce one such coffee. 

Bright, sweet with a very diverse flavor set. Soft fruit, citrus, herbal, chocolate, malt, and smoke are just a few of the main flavors one can see in this cup. 
This is a tricky coffee to roast – classic Ethiopian natural, some cultivated beans, some wild beans, a diversity of roast colors will be seen but that all adds to the heritage of this bean type.

Who should drink this? - "Those who enjoy coffees that insist on being noticed." 

Full Product Description

  • Iron Bean's "Dark Rocko" is a dark roast coffee made with 100% Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Arabica beans. The mother of all all Coffee's.
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality beans available
  • Taste smooth, never bitter flavors with subtle notes of strawberry, blueberry & toffee. 
  • Low in acidity without taking away any strength or flavor
  • 100% natural. We do not not comprise anything with additives or flavor oils.
  • Available in ground or whole bean so you can grind it fresh or simply open the bag and start brewing

Fair Trade Certified

USDA Organic