Fear No Evil™ - Black Roast
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Fear No Evil™ - Black Roast

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We took our highest quality, most floral, Arabica bean and carefully roasted it to the brink of flames. We monitor with all 5 of our senses to ensure that this rich, black, dark roast is void of all light. The sheen is like polished armor, the feel is like cocoa butter... Smooth. 

The smell is is smoky, exotic, and rich...the taste - BOLD

From the diverse geographical patchwork of sedimentary rocks &  volcanic streams of Sulawesi, Indonesia, we coax this bean along the razor's edge straight into the Valley of Death. Courage flows from its fractured husk in the form of aromatic oils providing protection against Hell's flames...we give to you..

Sulawesi Coffee has a heavy body and creamy texture. This is a rare coffee grown by the very old Toraja region coffee trees on the island of Sulawesi located in Indonesia. It is also known as Celebes Kalossi Coffee because it's grown on the Island of Celebes which was the old Dutch name for the island. Many of these trees are more than 250 years old and originate before the Dutch first arrived to this island. 

Fear No Evil™

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