Raging Tiger 3.0
Raging Tiger 3.0
Raging Tiger 3.0
Raging Tiger 3.0

Raging Tiger 3.0

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This year’s Raging Tiger 3.0 is evolving into something that will be remain in the records and taught in the history books for centuries to come. And here’s why…

In this Barrel lies a measured tincture of Bourbon from the renowned distillers of Heaven Hill , Orange Tiger from the Experimental minds and creative Talent Toledo Spirits Company, Ceylon Cinnamon rolled from the thin bark of the Mexican cinnamon trees and Ugandan Vanilla.

Bathing in this mixture are Specialty Colombian beans... 300 pounds to be exact. This mighty infusion will release on December 16th, after thirty days of rolling and infusing take place.

Raging Tiger 3.0 is raising the bar on infused small batch coffee. No flavor oils, nothing artificial... Be ready!


  • Packaged in a Nordic Whiskey Bottle
  • Waxed Sealed By Hand
  • Paper and Metal Foil Labeled
  • Individually Numbered
  • 30 Days Aged
  • Hand Roasted on December 14th
  • Hand Filled on December 15th
  • Released for Sale on December 16th
  • Use Caution When Opening: Contents under Pressure.

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