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What is it!?

Barrel Aged Coffee has been a “thing” since right around 2013 when a couple small roasters sold their “backroom experiments” to the public to much success. Those small roasters are no longer doing it, but they opened up the minds of coffee roasters like me.

In early 2017 Toledo Spirits Company reached out to us to meet…They were in love with our owl (Nori) and were really digging what we were doing with coffee in Toledo Ohio. As fans of Toledo Spirits we were excited like all get out to go down and meet the crew.

Head Distiller Lukas Kummer has an imagination and a passion for the distilling process like I’ve never seen… And as we talked and shared our experience in our respective fields, the light bulb turned on. Together we started experimenting with Whiskey, Bourbon, Liqueurs and Oak inside mason jars to infuse coffee. Some of it roasted, some of it green, until we found the method that really worked.

A fresh dumped Bourbon Barrel, flushed with Toledo Spirits Company Orange Tiger, & filled with our most exquisite bean from Rage Against the Dying of the Light was the formula!!  And that experience gave birth to “Raging Tiger”!!



Coffee is already complex all by itself, and the roasting process is an art akin to flying a kite in a tornado. Consistency, flavor, body, notes, density… all these things are carefully managed and monitored while the beans are tumbling through a firestorm of wind, earthquakes and Lightning. We thought it only right to make it even harder.

This year’s Raging Tiger 3.0 is evolving into something that will be remain in the records and taught in the history books for centuries to come. And here’s why…

"In this Barrel lies a measured tincture of Bourbon from the renowned distillers of Heaven Hill , Orange Tiger from the Experimental minds and creative Talent Toledo Spirits Company, Ceylon Cinnamon rolled from the thin bark of the Mexican cinnamon trees and Ugandan Vanilla.

Bathing in this mixture are Specialty Colombian beans... 300 pounds to be exact. This mighty infusion will release on December 16th, after thirty days of rolling and infusing take place.

Raging Tiger 3.0 is raising the bar on infused small batch coffee. No flavor oils, nothing artificial... Be ready!"

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  • Miguel Hunter

    How do I get a hold of this??? Agggghhhh!!! It’s why I came to ya lol! I want….help me figure out. It said dropping today and it sold out big huge cry face!

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