What is Fresh Coffee?

What is Fresh Coffee? - Iron Bean Coffee Company

Truly Fresh Coffee Has Three Major Components.


1. Time of Harvest

Coffee beans are the seeds of a coffee cherry, a fruit. And like any fruit, age plays a major role in a beans freshness and the quality of the final product. Once harvest the beans are processed and dried. Green Coffee Beans do well within the first year of picking, processing, and drying. Anything more than this and the "specialness" is going to be degraded.

The current crop’s beans, therefore, will produce the best flavors.


2. Roast Date vs Brew Date

Roasted coffee has a much shorter shelf life than green coffee. Once roasted, coffee should be brewed between three and 14 days. (Coffee needs a few days to expel excess CO2) 

If your buying coffee from a grocery store its already about 3 months old at best on average before it makes it to the shelf. If your coffee goes through a distribution chain of any sort, question the freshness.

"Roasted" Date and "Purchase" Date are VASTLY different.

You're paying a premium price, you deserve a premium product.

3. Grind 15 minutes before brewing

Grinding coffee releases its aromas, which is why it should be ground right before being brewed. These aromas create the flavorful notes in the coffee. They should be captured as quickly as possible by promptly brewing coffee after it is ground.

  • Physically, coffee beans do not expire and thus it can have an extended shelf life, especially if stored appropriately.
  • However, the intensity of coffee flavors declines with the time.
  • To get a good brew, coffee needs to rest for a couple of days so that coffee flavor compounds can be properly extracted.
  • The rest time of coffee after roasting can be as long as 4 to 12 days. It is not recommended to prepare coffee directly after it had been roasted.
  • Knowing the roasting date allows you to assess the days it needs to rest to get better extraction.

Fresh Roasted Coffee available right here.

At Iron Bean Coffee Co we follow the three rules of freshness. We buy green beans from the current year, ship coffee within 24 hours from roasting so you receive it at its peak freshness and highly recommend whole beans so you brew it freshly ground! 


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